Small business advice and guidance

Helping small businesses and stakeholders achieve their objectives

We recognise that many small businesses are not able to have a dedicated Human Resources person in house.  In our recent experience small businesses, from time to time, have staffing queries or issues over a potentially wide range of topics but are unsure where to turn to access professional and affordable advice.  This is where we can help.

We offer a wide range of tailored HR consultancy and financial services to employer organisations of all sizes.  These include:

For the organisation

Recruitment assistance – we provide recruitment assistance including being an independent panel member if required and provide a range of assessment tools to assess fit and potential

Induction process design – we design an induction process tailored to your organisation needs

Performance reviews – we design and provide advice how to get the best out of performance reviews and how to engage employees in the process

Engagement surveys – we design and develop surveys to assist understanding of the engagement of your staff – these are tailored to suit your organisation need

Culture shaping – we work with organisations to assist them to define the culture they wish to build and assist them to implement any changes

Facilitation – we provide facilitation services in a range of areas depending on the focus for the organisation

Training needs analysis – we identify the training needs of the organisation and look at appropriate ways to provide for the development needs

Mediation – we work with individuals to bridge their differences and find ways for them to work together

For managers

Leadership coaching – we work with individual leaders to work through areas they wish to develop to become more effective in their role

Interview skills for managers and panel members – we provide coaching, advice or a workshop on how to ensure you have a robust interview process

Leading change – we provide coaching and workshops on strategies to assist leaders to effectively lead staff members through a change process

Team building workshop – we facilitate coaching and workshops on identifying team strengths, styles, development needs, issues and working with these to build greater understanding and awareness to build a higher performing team

Team planning days – we facilitate of team planning days for staff.  We assist managers to design their planning agenda according to the outcomes they wish to achieve

For staff and managers

360 degree surveys – we design and tailor 360 surveys that are tailored to meet the individual need.  We also offer off the shelf surveys.

Career development coaching – we provide career coaching (and workshops) to assist individuals in their career aspirations

Outplacement coaching – we provide coaching for those individuals whose roles have been disestablished and seek CV, Interview, networking, job market and financial advice

Development coaching – we provide coaching on areas for and ways to develop

Change management for staff – we provide coaching and workshops that assist staff to work positively through a change process and assist them to begin to take control

Retirement planning – we provide retirement planning coaching (and workshops) for those staff 50+.  These services include both life planning and financial planning

Financial services

Our financial services are categorised as follows:

We don’t see these services replacing or competing with your Chartered Accountant.  However we can assist staff and act as a “sounding board” for staff involved in these aspects of the business through to providing the services on a project basis depending on the organisation’s needs.

Our financial services are cost effective and flexible and can be adapted to suit the individual needs of each business.  This may be in conjunction with, or independent of, your Chartered Accountant.

Further information on each of the above HR Consultancy and financial services can be found here.

Please contact us by email or phone Cynthia on 0274 865 065 for any additional information or to arrange an appointment.