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‘Sharpen up’ your CV at our CV Clinic

Now is the time to review your CV so that you are ready to apply for that new opportunity that could arise.

This year we are holding CV Clinics for on a one to one basis for individuals where we:

This enables you to go away and enhance or ‘sharpen up’ your CV

When: Clinics are available between 12.00 pm and 2.00 pm on Mondays – Thursdays

Duration: 30 minutes each

Cost: $115 (gst inclusive) for the 30 minutes (Payment in cash or credit card ($5 surcharge for credit cards unfortunately))

To book: Please phone Cynthia on 0274 865 065 or email  with your preferred time.  Once a booking is made, feel free to email your current CV to us at .

Outside Wellington?  We can provide this service via Skype – simply call or email us as above.

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