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Recruitment and selection

Our recruitment and selection services are provided on a consultancy basis.

Making the right hire and promotion decisions

Ensuring the recruitment process supports the organisational direction and talent needs, along with hiring the right person for culture and job fit, is critical to an organisation’s success.  A poor hiring decision is costly, and its negative effects can ripple through an organisation.  Further, the recruitment process is an individual’s first interaction with their new employer.  It is important that this is a positive one. A poor process can damage an organisation’s employer brand. This, too, can be costly in a tight talent market.

We work with clients to identify and understand the strategic needs of the business unit/organisation, the specific competencies and attributes in relation to job and culture fit, and to design a due diligence process.  This ensures a seamless process from initial advertising through to induction.  We work with our clients to:

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