Retirement Planning

Overseas research* shows that 51% of all employees are interested in having access to retirement advice in the workplace and 44% of employees expressed interest in retirement seminars through work. Our experience suggests an increasing number of New Zealand employers are incorporating retirement planning workshops or seminars into their staff wellness and engagement programmes.

Our Retirement Planning Services are delivered throughout New Zealand via:

Some client organisations (and locations) for whom we have delivered Retirement Planning workshops, seminars and/or coaching for staff are listed here

Retirement Planning – Retiring purposefully and meaningfully

The time spent in retirement now is considerably greater than it was for earlier generations.  Increasing life expectancy means that many people are now spending the equivalent of half (or more) of their working lives in retirement.

This is a significant portion of their lives and as such requires them to focus their attention on planning for it if they wish to lead a happy, purposeful and meaning life through their retirement years.

An increasing number of people are realising that planning to meet their lifestyle and financial needs in retirement is vital to their ability to enjoy this important stage of their lives.  We have observed that those who have planned for their retirement look forward to it, whereas those who haven’t can often fear or defer their retirement.

This not only has implications for them and their families, but also for their employers.

Our Retirement planning workshops, seminars and coaching cover the following aspects.  They can, however, be tailored to suit the needs of the organisation and the potential attendees:

Part One: Lifestyle Planning (Presented by Cynthia Munro)

Part Two: Financial Planning (Presented by Craig Wylie)

(We are independent of and do not recommend any financial products and providers.  We are able to refer you to an appropriately qualified Registered Financial Adviser on request)

A selection of comments from workshop attendees is here.

Workshops:  Are offered in two formats –  4 hours & 6 hours.  The latter covers the more important aspects in greater detail and provides more time for group interaction, which participants see as a very valuable part of the workshops.   Comprehensive work books providing useful ongoing resources accompany the workshops.

Seminars:  Are offered in two formats – 2 hours & 3 hours.  The content is covered in greater detail in the longer seminar.   Notes outlining topics covered accompany the seminars.

Our Wellington self-hosted workshops are held on a quarterly basis.  We can replicate these workshops elsewhere within NZ on demand.  Our Wellington workshops are held three to four times a year.  Please contact us for further details.

Our individual coaching or consulting focuses on the area(s) dictated by each individual client. Coaching/consulting is on an hourly basis with the number of hours dependent on individual requirements. Our objective is to assist clients to plan and identify the key factors that will contribute to making a smooth transition from their full-time work into retirement.

For further information or to book for one of our workshops or an appointment please email or phone Cynthia on 0274 865 065.

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