Terms and Conditions

Use of the C Squared Consulting Limited website, as for all of our services, is subject to the following Terms and Conditions which you are deemed to accept when you use our website, or engage our services:

Intellectual Property

The documentation made available to you during the provision of our services is subject to Copyright and C Squared Consulting Limited retains the relevant intellectual property ownership. You have the right to modify or alter the documents that pertain to you specifically. You may also reproduce and distribute additional copies of these personalised documents. You are not permitted to copy, or otherwise distribute template documents or related guides to any other person or entity. Where C Squared Consulting Limited has completed personalised documents on your behalf, you are not permitted to allow these documents to be used as templates. This protects your right to have an individually crafted document, and it protects the quality and integrity of our services.


You agree to indemnify C Squared Consulting Limited (and its Officers and Directors) against any claims, losses or liabilities arising from the misuse of our documentation, including but not limited to, any additions to the documentation which are not factually correct.


Payment is required for our on-line services at the time the service is purchased.

Refund Policy

Once you have purchased, and we have delivered the service selected we are not able to refund the payment you have made. The only exception to this policy is as set out under our “Risk Free Guarantee” bullet point 5. This policy does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.

Service Delivery

It is our policy to deliver the services requiring our professional expertise within 5 business days of purchase, however events beyond our control can occur that prevent us from achieving this Service Delivery objective. If such an event occurs, we will deliver the service you have purchased as soon as practicably possible.

Changes to these Terms and Conditions and our Risk Free Guarantee

These terms and conditions and our Risk Free Guarantee may be amended from time to time. You are deemed to have accepted the amendments if you use the website after the amendments have been made.