CV tips

By Cynthia Munro

Having your CV ready for potential opportunities is useful at anytime and given these uncertain times during Covid-19, being prepared, is a good thing to do.  When it is an employers’ market – as opposed to an employee’s market – employers can be swamped with applications, so you need to ensure that your CV stands out.

Here are 4 tips and questions to get your CV prepared.

  1. Ensure the contents of your front page encourages the reader to turn the page.
  1. Where you list your employment history, put the dates on the right-hand side – this then allows the reader to clearly focus on your role title and the organisation you worked for.
  1. If you decide to have an interest section, elaborate on these e.g. Music – currently learning the guitar; Walking – enjoy the outdoors and a chance to exercise
  2. We no longer need to add the names of referees, just add “Referees available on request”

Some questions to ask yourself


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