Positioning your CV to emphasise your worth rather than your age

From time to time we hear the word ‘ageism’.  This can come from within organisations or through the media.  Fortunately, I haven’t heard it a lot recently and I am hoping that it is something that is diminishing.   Mature workers have so much experience to offer employers!

Connected to this, is applying for a new role in later life and in this context, many mature workers find that they are not reaching the short list for interviews.  This doesn’t have to be so!

Emphasise strengths

Strategically, there are a number of things that we can do when we review our CV, to position ourselves well, emphasising our experience, achievements, and skills rather than our age.

Firstly, a key aspect is to position ourselves well on the front page of our CV and not disclose our age.  This includes several things:

All of the above, will make you stand out and position you well, thus encouraging the reader of your CV to want to turn the page and find out more about you.

Downplay age

Secondly, for the remainder of your CV:

With this approach you will see that nowhere when the reader goes through your CV, will they be able to calculate your age.  This can enable mature workers to have a greater opportunity to get onto the short list. And with this opportunity, then be able to get in front of an interview panel to demonstrate their capability and enthusiasm for the role.  Obviously, the next step is up to you to convince the panel that you are the right person for the role, but at least with this approach you have this opportunity.

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