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We are now a panel provider for the AoG (All of Government) consultancy services

We are pleased to advise that we are a Panel Provider on the AoG Consultancy Services contract for both Business Change and Human Resource categories.

We offer, on a New Zealand wide basis, the range of services set out below via coaching, workshops or consultancy services under the contract and are supported by associate consultants around the country.

Business Change

Human Resources

  • Business change

  • Business Analysis and Benchmarking

  • Business change implementation

  • Business change planning

  • Business change strategy – advice, development, review

  • Business process improvement

  • Customer service improvement

  • Lean six sigma, TQM, and Kaizen process re-engineering

  • Organisational change management

  • Strategies for Leaders leading through change

  • Strategies for staff managing change

  • Planning for Retirement

  • FFH for redundancies

  • Group facilitation

  • Outplacement

  • Human Resources

  • Organisational Culture

  • Job seeking skills

  • Communication - strategic communication planning and delivery to support any organisational initiative

  • Capability and Performance Management

  • Employment Relations (including HR Guidance and Best practice)

  • Employment implications of restructures, outplacements

  • Human Resource Strategy – advice, development and review

  • Leadership development and coaching

  • Learning and Development

  • Human Resource

  • Organisational Change and Design

  • Human Resource

  • Human Resources Programme and Project management

  • Assessment for development

  • Employee engagement strategies

  • Employee Engagement Surveys

  • Retention strategies

  • Measuring ROI

  • Performance management

  • Human Resources

  • 360 feedback

  • Performance coaching

  • Group facilitation

  • Team building/development

  • Career coaching & workshops

  • Outplacement coaching and workshops

  • Strategies for Leaders leading through change

  • Strategies for staff managing change

  • Planning for Retirement

  • Organisational Culture

  • Job seeking skills

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