Financially Fit & Healthy Seminar

A financial awareness seminar for individuals in the first half of their careers

Seminar objective

Will assist you/your staff to:

Why do we offer this seminar?

There is a general lack of education of financial matters in our society. Most people learn by observation of others and through the “school of hard knocks”. Unfortunately, neither of these is conducive to providing a basic frame work that is right for each individual and their circumstances.

Overseas studies show that an individual’s focus and productivity, and thus their careers, can be impacted by concerns about their personal financial circumstances. Employers have begun to see the benefits, for both the organization and the individual, in offering financial education programmes for their staff.

“The traditional approach (to employee financial education) is to put together presentations focused exclusively on company benefits and how to enrol in them. This approach does nothing to provide a framework for decision making for very different employee situations. Another traditional alternative is to suggest employees find a financial advisor and wash your hands of any obligation and fiduciary liability. Neither approach provides a background for employees to feel more comfortable in their own ability to making increasingly sophisticated decisions regarding their financial future. We feel that people that are economically secure in their own lives are more productive employees.”
— A UPS Corporate Compensation Manager

Financially Fit and Healthy content

This seminar will demystify the subject and provide a structured approach for developing good money habits and addressing personal finances. It covers:

The reference/workbook

Our comprehensive reference/workbook contains exercises and worksheets that are designed to encourage the participants to think about their present attitudes to money and financial position, and how they can increase their financial security over time. There are also guides to preparing a financial plan, how to make savings and investment decisions and handling the impact of “life’s events”. These guides, together with the Rules of Thumb and the Glossary of Terms will ensure that long after the seminar is over, the workbook will continue to be a valuable resource. We encourage participants to share the workbook with their significant other (where they have a partner). It is important, where there is a partner, that the partner feels involved.

Our Approach: The way we work with clients & participants

As a boutique consultancy, our focus and commitment is on the individual client and solutions that work for them, rather than a ‘template solution’. We have a strong sense of ethics about making sure the work we do has value for our customer.

Our Presenter

Craig Wylie is an experienced and independent financial consultant. He has had in excess of 30 years’ experience providing personal financial advice to clients.  He was a Chartered Accountant in Public Practice prior to becoming a personal financial adviser.

Date and Time:  Wednesday 15 June 2022 9.00am – 12.00pm

Venue: Lifetime asset Management Ltd Offices, Level 3, 120 Featherston Street, Wellington

(Entrance: around corner in Waring Taylor Street)

Price: $275 including GST (includes workbook) (3.0 hours)

To register your interest or for further information, please complete the form below, phone Craig on 021 473 770, or email