CV Development

Market yourself well!

The purpose of a CV is to focus and summarise relevant information about you as it pertains to the role(s) you are applying for.  This includes your work history and experience, your key strengths, your achievements, your qualifications and training.  Your CV needs to be tailored towards the particular position you are seeking.

A CV is your marketing tool!  It helps you get your foot in the door.   Therefore it is important to have a CV that positions you well, by being comprehensible and succinct.   When writing your CV there a number of key considerations which are important to take into account.

This workshop will provide you with the following:

There will be a small amount of pre work to complete.

Presenter: Cynthia Munro

Cynthia is an executive coach, consultant and presenter. She has had 20+ years working with government agencies, corporates, not-for-profits and individual clients.  She is highly experienced in working with individuals and teams who are seeking guidance with their careers and other life changes including retirement planning and change. She has expertise and sensitivity in understanding the needs of people and identifying strategies and tools to assist them.  Cynthia holds a BA, a Graduate Diploma in Adult and Tertiary Education and an Advanced Diploma in Business (Management).  She is accredited in a range of well-known assessment tools.

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