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Financially Fit & Healthy

To demystify the world of personal finance and provide a structured approach for developing good money habits

A guide for individuals and groups, especially suitable for those in the first half of their career.  Our objective is to help you develop a basic framework that is right for you and your circumstances by guiding you to:

The seminar covers:

Why offer this seminar to your staff?

There is a general lack of education of financial matters in our society. Most people learn by observation of others and through the “school of hard knocks”.  Unfortunately, neither of these is conducive to providing a basic frame work that is right for each individual and their circumstances.

Overseas studies show that an individual’s focus and productivity, and thus their careers, can be impacted by concerns about their personal financial circumstances.  Employers have begun to see the benefits, for both the organization and the individual, in offering financial education programmes for their staff.

“The traditional approach (to employee financial education) is to put together presentations focused exclusively on company benefits and how to enrol in them. This approach does nothing to provide a framework for decision making for very different employee situations. Another traditional alternative is to suggest employees find a financial advisor and wash your hands of any obligation and fiduciary liability.
Neither approach provides a background for employees to feel more comfortable in their own ability to making increasingly sophisticated decisions regarding their financial future. We feel that people that are economically secure in their own lives are more productive employees.”

– A UPS Corporate Compensation Manager

Presenter: Craig Wylie

Craig Wylie is an independent and experienced personal financial consultant.  He has been advising clients on this topic for more than 30 years.   Craig is a Director/Consultant with C Squared Consulting Limited.

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