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Returning to the Workforce

Regain your confidence and direction

Returning after being at home with children or other responsibilities, can be daunting.  People may feel a loss of confidence by being out of touch or behind in skill level, may question relevancy of their skills, whether they will adapt back to work while juggling their responsibilities at home. They may even question if their work interests remain as they were.   They may ask questions such as:

Assessing your situation and creating a plan can answer some of those questions, begin to remove barriers and put you on the path to returning to work more confidently.  A career re-entry strategy will assist you in transitioning your thinking and gathering your confidence.  You will consider

A successful return to work doesn’t need to be daunting. Like parenting, it will take time, effort, patience and at times a bit of help just to ensure you are on the right track.

Presenter: Cynthia Munro

Cynthia is an executive coach, consultant and presenter. She has had 20+ years working with government agencies, corporates, not-for-profits and individual clients.  She is highly experienced in working with individuals and teams who are seeking guidance with their careers and other life changes including retirement planning and change. She has expertise and sensitivity in understanding the needs of people and identifying strategies and tools to assist them.  Cynthia holds a BA, a Graduate Diploma in Adult and Tertiary Education and an Advanced Diploma in Business (Management).  She is accredited in a range of well-known assessment tools.

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