Career outplacement guide

If you are affected by recent redundancies, this can be a very difficult time.  To assist you in this we have designed the following questions, you may want to ask yourself or seek advice to assist you in moving forward:

Career assessment

Are you able to identify your key strengths, drivers and interest areas?

Are you able to articulate your achievements relevant to the position you are looking for?

Are you able to describe where and why you want to work in a particular role?

Are you able to describe what industry/sector you would like to work in?

Are you able to identify organisations that you would like to work in and why?

Curriculum Vitae

Does your CV contain your strengths separately listed?

Does your CV contain a good positioning statement?

Does the front page of your CV invite/motivate the reader to turn the page?

Have you listed achievements for each of your major roles?

Would a strength-based CV promote you better than a chronological or vice versa?

Does your CV show an overall theme that is consistent with the role you want?

Approaching the Market

Can you clearly articulate your job /role interests to a recruitment consultant?

Do you know how to best work with a recruitment consultant?

Are you confident in writing the covering letter?

Have you got a marketing plan for your job search?

Are you using all of the potential market opportunity sources?


Do you know how to effectively operate in the “hidden market”?

Do you have a list of network contacts that can work for you?

Are you aware of the questions to ask in a network conversation?

Do you know how to expand your network contact?


Can you positively and effectively promote yourself?

Are you effectively able to answer the question “tell me about yourself”?

Do you know how to answer behavioural questions succinctly?

Are you able to articulate what makes you unique/the value you can add?

Do you know how to best maximise your opportunity to provide key information?


Can you accurately identify what your income & expenses, & assets & liabilities are?

Are your finances set up to meet short and long term threats to your financial security?

Do you have clear financial and lifestyle goals, and are you able to achieve these?

Do you want to discuss financial implications with an independent financial guidance consultant?


Have you thought about how you will spend your time in retirement?

Have you talked with your partner or family about your wants and needs?

Do you know your partner’s expectations?

Do you have clear financial goals that match your expectations?

If you need help in any of these areas

Contact Cynthia Munro, or 0274 865 065