Career development for graduates

This workshop provides those employees, who are on graduate programmes within their organisations, an opportunity to think about their careers, what they are potentially aiming for in the short, medium and long terms and provides them with strategies to identify and manage their career pathways.  We also look at the importance of building a solid reputation, and identifying strategies for accelerated career progression.  Coupled with this we cover essential tips for writing marketable CVs:

Workshops: Are 6 hours duration.  An additional 2 hours is added if the “Financially Fit and Healthy” workshop option is included.

Coaching :   Is on an hourly basis with the number of hours dependent on individual requirements.

An option: Financial Coaching is a useful compliment to Career Development 

It has been suggested that staff members’ focus and productivity, and thus their careers, can be impacted by concerns about their personal financial circumstances.  This is no reflection on the staff member, but rather, it is a statement about the lack of basic financial education publically available.

There is an increasing interest, by employers, in providing some basic financial literacy awareness as they appreciate the positive impact for both the employing organisation and the staff member.

We are able to offer individual financial coaching which might include such topics as:

Our coaching is personalised to meet the specific needs of the staff member concerned.

Our financial coach, Craig Wylie, is an Authorised Financial Adviser.  He, and C2 Consulting, are independent of any investment or insurance product providers.  More information here.

For further information or an appointment please contact us by email or phone Cynthia on 0274 865 065.

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