Planning for Retirement

Transitioning successfully

The time spent in retirement now is considerably greater than it was for earlier generations. Increasing life expectancy means that many people are now spending the equivalent of half (or more) of their working lives in retirement.  This requires them to focus their attention on planning for their retirement if they wish to lead happy, purposeful and meaningful lives through this time.

Frequent comments from attendees at our workshops say that they wished they had received this financial information 10 years earlier.  Financial planning for retirement is not something that can be left until retirement is imminent – the sooner it can be addressed, the more likely that financial and lifestyle goals can be achieved. However those close to retirement acknowledge that they also benefit from some critical financial aspects and they especially find the Lifestyle planning component is also vital.  The comment “We didn’t know what we didn’t know” is quite often heard following our workshops.

Our Retirement Planning workshops are in two parts and highlight:

Lifestyle Planning

Presenter: Cynthia Munro

Financial Planning

We are independent of all financial product suppliers. We do not promote or recommend any individual financial products.

Financial information provided in the workshop is of a general nature and participants are recommended to seek personalised advice from an adviser who is authorised to provide Regulated Financial Adviser services.

Presenter: Craig Wylie


Date and Time: Tuesday 14 June 2022,   9.00 am – 1.00 pm

Venue: Lifetime Asset Management Ltd offices, Level 3, 120 Featherston Street, Wellington

(Entrance: around the corner in Waring Taylor Street)

Price: $375 including GST (includes workbook) (4 hour workshop)

To register your interest or for further information, please complete the form below, phone Cynthia on 0274 865 065, or email