Transitioning positively

Identifying next career steps, an appropriate action plan and strategies to move through the stage from role disestablishment is a critical one   This involves working through a range of areas and coming out with a plan.

The change process

Self-Awareness –what drives and fulfills individuals in work

Curriculum vitae development – marketing themselves well

Approaching the market (including recruiters)

Networking – making networking vital to your job search

Interview strategies

First 90 days in a role

The first few weeks in a new role are critical.  It can be a ‘make or break’ time.  The first impression you create is important and is a hard one to reverse if it goes wrong.  If done well, it will provide a solid foundation for your future success, and set the foundation for your tenure.  This means thinking and planning well before setting foot into the new role.  This module covers strategies that are useful to ensure a smooth entry and a good first impression.

Financial Options on Redundancy

Our financial coaching service involves a consultation with Craig Wylie, a Principal of C2Consulting, who is both an Authorised Financial Advisor and a Certified Financial PlannerCM.  He was formerly a Chartered Accountant in Public Practice.  The consultation can cover any aspects of an individual’s personal financial circumstances (including redundancy payment) where they might seek advice including:


Looking forward

We have no relationships with any investment or insurance product suppliers and consequently advice provided is completely independent.

Brief Presenter bios

Cynthia Munro is an executive coach, consultant and presenter. She has had 20+ years working with government agencies, corporates, not-for-profits and individual clients.  She is highly experienced in working with individuals and teams who are seeking guidance with their careers and other life changes including retirement planning and change. She has expertise and sensitivity in understanding the needs of people and identifying strategies and tools to assist them.  Cynthia holds a BA, a Graduate Diploma in Adult and Tertiary Education and an Advanced Diploma in Business (Management).  She is accredited in a range of well-known assessment tools.

More information about Cynthia: https://www.c2consulting.co.nz/about-us/cynthia-munro/

Craig Wylie, Former Principal of Financial Fitness Limited is an experienced and qualified financial planning practitioner.  He has had more than 23 years’ experience advising clients on this topic.  He holds the internationally recognised pinnacle qualification for financial planners, CFPCM, and is a Fellow of the Institute of Financial Advisers.  Craig is an Authorised Financial Advisor (AFA).  Prior to establishing Financial Fitness in 1989 he was a Chartered Accountant in Public Practice.  Craig is a Director/Consultant with C Squared Consulting Limited.

For more information about Craig: https://www.c2consulting.co.nz/about-us/craig-wylie/

Further information about us in general: https://www.c2consulting.co.nz/about-us/

For further information  please contact us by email or phone 04 282 0809. Leave a message if we are unable to answer our phone and we will respond promptly.

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