Life after sport  – Career transition for Professional Sportspeople

We deliver our following Career Transition services via  coaching and/or workshops sessions, both in person or via electronic media:

How many professional sportspeople think about what their career might look like after their professional sporting days are over?  Many are focused on either building up or enjoying their sport, and it is not until an injury or retirement sees them ending their sporting career, that they turn their minds to life after their sport.

We assist sportspeople to identify their transferable skills and show them how they can be used and marketed in a different way.  This opens up a range of work/career options that align with their skills, interests and motivations.   Our coaching and/or workshop session(s) assist sportspeople to gain confidence that there is a life after sport and how they can work towards this and explore their options.

Knowing who you are

Potential Future Options

Making it work

Marketing yourself

Cynthia Munro works with sports people, including professional rugby players and former Olympic athletes, assisting them, both before and during this transformation phase, with their future career direction, including writing CVs that market them into their chosen new vocation successfully.

Coaching:   Is on an hourly basis with the number of hours dependent on individual requirements.

Seminars and Workshops: Can be arranged on request. For further information please contact us by email or phone Cynthia on 0274 865 065.

For further information or an appointment please contact us by email or phone Cynthia on 0274 865 065.

An option: Financial Coaching is a useful compliment to career transition 

Financial coaching is personalised to meet individual needs and can be particularly useful if there is a material change in income. Personal financial security can enable you to focus on achieving your career objectives and the lifestyle that you would like for your family and yourself.

Careers can be impacted by concerns about personal financial circumstances.  This is no reflection on individuals, but rather, it is a statement about the lack of basic financial education publicly available.

We offer individual financial coaching which can include such topics as:

Our coaching is personalised to meet the specific needs of each individual.

Financial Seminars: Can also be arranged on request.

Our financial coach, Craig Wylie, is an experienced financial consultant.  He, and C2 Consulting, are independent of any investment or insurance product providers.

For further information or an appointment please contact us by email or phone Craig on 021 473 770.

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