Roulette is not only the oldest of the classic casino table games, it is apart from the slot machines also the most played casino game ever. The reason for the widespread use of this game is the easy-to-understand rules of the game, the exciting game principle and at the same time many different betting options with which you can pursue different strategies. Depending on the betting option, you will receive either slightly smaller payouts or with more risk a profit of up to 35 times the bet. gamblehub By far the most popular variant of this table game is the European one. This is mainly due to the fact that the chances of winning here are much better (only 2.7% House advantage) than with the American version (5.4%). In addition to the absence of the Double Zero, the La Partage rule increases the chances of winning slightly, however, this is not often found at the tables.

Project Management

Our project management services are provided on a consultancy basis.

Managing projects and initiatives

We are skilled at managing both large and small projects and initiatives.

The key to our success is how we:

Previous project experience

We have 8 years+ experience in managing a wide range of projects achieving deliverables through anticipating issues and risks.

We are skilled in monitoring, reviewing, evaluating progress of projects and maintaining strict deadlines.  Examples of projects successfully completed are:

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Exit Interviews

Evaluation of training programmes

Recruitment and selection

Retirement planning